Testing Your Zoom OAuth Integration

Test and debug your Zoom OAuth integration.

Once you've gone through the Zoom OAuth Setup and either Recall-Managed or Customer Managed OAuth, you should test your integration.

This guide walks you through the questions to answer to ensure your integration is working properly.

Can a user go through the flow successfully?

Use your own Zoom account or a test account and ensure it can go through the OAuth flow as expected.

After going through the flow, call the List Zoom OAuth Credentials endpoint and ensure your credentials are being created in Recall properly.

Are meetings being created properly?

You can make a request to the List Zoom Meeting to OAuth Credential Mappings endpoint to see the list of meetings the Recall integration has synced, along with the OAuth credentials that were used to sync the meetings.

To test if your meetings are being created properly in Recall for your OAuth'ed Zoom account:

Any meetings in this list will be automatically recorded by bots sent to them.

curl -X GET <https://api.recall.ai/api/v2/zoom-meetings-to-credentials>  
	-H 'Authorization: Token YOUR-RECALL-API-KEY'

// Response
  "next": null,  
  "previous": null,  
  "results": [  
      "meeting_id": 12347589873,  
      "credential": "dadcc9c3-2a6d-4f9a-9467-ff3a2b02a82f",  
      "synced_at": "2023-08-03T06:38:39.011715Z"  
      "meeting_id": 84731728293,  
      "credential": "dadcc9c3-2a6d-4f9a-9467-ff3a2b02a82f",  
      "synced_at": "2023-08-03T06:38:39.009752Z"  

Can a bot record Zoom meetings automatically?

Since you've confirmed your Zoom account is registered with the Recall Zoom OAuth integration, and that all your upcoming meetings are be automatically synced, any bots sent to these meetings should be able to record automatically.

  1. Create an instant Zoom meeting (make sure the account is the same as the one you OAuth'ed)
  2. Sending a bot to the meeting by calling Create Bot
  3. Make sure the bot joins the meeting, and records properly with no popup.