Native Bots

Bots come in two varieties: Native and Web.

Web bots: The default meeting bot. Recommended for a vast majority of use cases.

Native bots: A distinct type of bot that enables native-specific features specifically for Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Only for a small minority of use cases.

Web bots are enabled by default and typically work well for most use cases. If your application requires Native bot features, such as separate audio streams, this guide will help you get up and running with Native bots.

How to configure native bots

Currently, the bot type (web vs native) is only configurable at the account level.

This means in order to use Native bots, you'll need a separate Recall account provisioned specifically for creating native bots.

In practice, if you want to use both web and native bots, you'll use two separate sets of credentials:

  • Your new set of "native credentials"
  • Your current, original "web credentials"

Creating web and native bots can then be achieved by using their corresponding credentials.

Requesting a native bot account

If you'd like to use Native bots, simply send us a slack message requesting native bot credentials along with the email address you'd like the credentials under.