Receiving Chat Messages

Platform Support

ZoomReceiving chat messages in the Zoom Native Bot is not currently supported
Google Meet
Microsoft TeamsBots can only receive chat messages if the meeting chat is accessible to anonymous participants.
Cisco Webex
Slack Huddles


This webhook is sent to the URL specified in the real_time_media.webhook_chat_messages_destination_url parameter in the Create Bot endpoint.


We recommend implementing verification by including a query parameter, such as token=your-random-token, in the URL you provide. When we make the request to your endpoint, we will use the exact url, including any query parameters. You will then be able to verify the query parameter in your webhook handler.

Chat Message Event Payload

This webhook is sent when new chat messages(readable by the bot) are posted in the meeting.

  "event": "bot.chat_message",
  "data": {
    "bot_id": string,
    "created_at": string,
    "to": string, // "everyone" or "only_bot"
    "text": string,
    "sender": {
      "id": integer,
      "is_host": boolean,
      "name": string,
      "platform": string, // ('unknown', 'desktop', 'mobile_app', 'dial_in')
      "extra_data": object,