Transcription FAQ

Frequently asked questions about transcription.

How do I match words with calendar participants or email addresses?

You may find yourself wanting to match speakers from the transcription to calendar participants or email addresses.

Unfortunately there isn't a direct way to match speakers from transcriptions to calendar participants since meeting platforms don't expose participant emails for privacy reasons.

A common workaround is to get emails via the calendar integration and do a fuzzy match on a bot's meeting participant names to associate them with emails. This isn't perfect, but can work well enough depending on your use case.

How do I determine transcription hours for a given bot?

The recommended approach here is to use the recordings field on the bot object.

This will contain an object (or multiple objects if the bot was started and stopped during the call), with started_at and completed_at timestamps you can use to calculate the recording time. Since the whole recording is sent to the transcription provider, this will be equivalent to the transcription time for the bot.

Example recordings:

"recordings": [
    "id": "b3181d8e-05fb-42c0-940a-c9607d7da7ff",
    "started_at": "2024-02-02T22:05:51.232821Z",
    "completed_at": "2024-02-02T22:07:00.691048Z"