You may want to have separate environments for development/staging and production.

To achieve this, we can provision you a new set of login credentials scoped to a new, separate workspace. This will allow you to test bots, webhooks, transcription, etc., within a context outside of production.

This also allows you to provide different API keys for AI providers in separate workspaces.

Request a new environment

To request a new environment(s), let us know in Slack what environments you'd like (e.g. Dev, Staging, Prod), along with the region (US/EU/JP).

Also include at least one email per environment that you'd like us to create an account for.

For each environment, include the following:

  • Environment name: (e.g. Staging)
  • Region: (US, EU, or JP)
  • Email for primary account: (e.g. [email protected])


Note about account emails

Account emails must be unique across environments.

However, Sub-emails are supported.

For example, if your development account email is under [email protected], we can create a staging account under [email protected].


You do not have to pay an additional platform fee or other fee in order to use multiple environments.

Any usage will be consolidated under the same billing account as your production credentials.