Webex Bot Setup

Follow these to set up Webex bots for your Recall account.


Prerequisite: Webex Meet Account

In order to create a Guest Issuer application, you'll need a Webex Meet account.

Webex Free accounts will not work.

For non-US users, the plans may be named slightly differently. The minimum required plan is the lowest paid tier.

Setup Guide

  1. Go to https://developer.webex.com/ and sign in
  2. In the top right, click on your profile icon and then on My Webex Apps
  3. Select Guest Issuer
  4. Give it a name, and click Add Guest Issuer to create it
Steps 1-4.

Steps 1-4.

  1. Copy the "Guest Issuer ID" & "Shared Secret" values and save them in the Recall dashboard.


Setup complete

You can now start creating Webex bots πŸŽ‰

Try it out by sending your first bot to a Webex call using the Create Bot endpoint.

What’s Next