Recording Control

Control when your bot records using the Pause/Resume and Start/Stop recording endpoints.

Some use cases require having more granular control over when a bot records.

To support use cases that require more granular control over when a bot records, Recall provides 2 mechanisms:

  1. Pause/Resume Recording
  2. Start/Stop Recording

Pause & Resume Recording


The pause and resume recording endpoints allow you to control when a bot is recording, while still generating a single recording file.

These endpoints are the recommended approach for generating a continuous recording of separate segments of a meeting.

Pause Recording pauses the current recording.

Resume Recording resumes the same recording.

The result is a single recording file containing video/audio only from segments where the bot was not paused.

Start & Stop Recording

Start Recording triggers the bot to start recording. If a bot is already recording when this endpoint is called, a new recording will begin, overwriting the old recording.

Stop Recording stops the current recording of the bot and creates a new recording entry in the recordings field of the bot.


Accessing individual recordings

The video_url on the bot will only reflect the most recent recording, and you should use the recordings field on the bot to access each recording individually.

To access the video file for a particular recording, you can call Get Recording for the corresponding recording ID.

For a single, contiguous recording of multiple recording segments, you should use Pause & Resume Recording .

Control when the bot starts recording

You may require a flow where you have a user action trigger when a bot starts recording.

For example, if you require everyone in the call to manually opt-in to recording via a Chat Message or some other mechanism.

In this case, you can:

  1. Set recording_mode_options.start_recording_on to manual when calling Create Bot
  2. Have a check in your application's logic to call Start Recording if and when your start recording criteria have been met (opting in via a chat message, etc).