Receive a Recording

To get a recording of a meeting, call the Retrieve Bot endpoint after you receive the done bot status change webhook event.

This will return an MP4 file in the response, under the video_url field. The link expires every 1 hour, so you will need to call Retrieve Bot again after an hour to get the fresh MP4 link.

The recommended flow is to download the MP4 file from the link and upload it into your own storage, as we delete all bot media after 7 days.


Can I receive an audio file with no video?

No, currently we only output MP4 recordings with both video and audio. If you're looking for just the audio, we recommend stripping out the audio from the MP4 on your end.

How long do you store the data for?

We store the recording data for 7 days in our S3 bucket, after which it's automatically deleted. You can also request we delete the data earlier by calling the Delete Bot Media endpoint. Note that this endpoint deletes everything, including recordings, transcripts, and metadata of the bot.