Getting Started with Recall

Record meetings, stream audio and video, generate transcripts, and so much more.

Recall is a unified API for meeting bots.

Through Recall's API and fully managed bot infrastructure, you can easily white-label bots and send them to meetings to capture the audio, video, transcriptions, and metadata from the meeting - all through a simple API.

For a list of all supported meeting platforms, see Meeting Platforms.

What is a bot?

A bot is the fundamental entity for accessing a given meeting's data.

Bots are single-use, and are sent to meetings either ad-hoc ("on-the-fly"), or through scheduling them for a specific time.

Through a bot, you can interface with a meeting's video, audio, participants, and metadata in real-time during a call, as well as after the call for as long as the data is retained.

Creating and scheduling bots

How do I actually get bots to my meetings?

There are two types of bots:

  • Ad-hoc bots: These are on-demand bots, sent immediately to a meeting by making a Create Bot request without specifying a join_at time.
  • Scheduled bots: Bots can also be scheduled through the Create Bot endpoint with a join_at parameter to specify when the bot should join a call.


Scheduling bots to users' calendars

Recall's Calendar Integration is a layer on top of scheduled bots, allowing you to connect directly with user's calendars to automate the scheduling of bots to their calendar events.

Video and Audio

Recall bots generate a recording that can be accessed in the video_url field of the bot when fetched from Retrieve Bot or List Bots. The field will contain a pre-signed S3 URL that you can use to download the recording, save in your own cloud, and processed accordingly.

For real-time applications, you can leverage websockets for accessing raw video and audio streams in real-time:


There are two ways to generate transcripts through Recall:

Which of these you choose depends on your requirements, and we recommend reviewing the documentation for each to decide which best fits your use case.

Customizing your bots

Recall bots are fully white label-able to match your branding:

  • Output an Image: Configure your bots to output a custom image.
  • Set the name for your bots: Change the name of your bots by providing a bot_name parameter in the Create Bot request.