Zoom OAuth Integration

Use Recall's Zoom OAuth integration to enable automatic recording permission when joining calls.

Zoom has introduced new requirements for meeting bots, and one of these requirements is that bots now need permission from the host to record. There are 2 ways to grant this permission:

  1. The host can grant permission manually
  2. The bot can be created with a Join Token For Local Recording

The Recall Zoom OAuth integration simplifies the process of implementing flow #2, automatically fetching Join Tokens for bots.

This is beneficial, because bots that have a "Join Token For Local Recording" are able to record meetings automatically when they join the call. This reduces user friction compared to the alternative flow, where the bot requests recording permission from the host, who has to click a dialog in order to grant the permission.

The other main benefits of this integration are that it enables bots to record when:

  • The host is not present
  • The host is present but is on the Zoom Web client

What does the Zoom OAuth Integration do?

The integration does the following things:

  1. Manages OAuth credentials, such as access and refresh tokens
  2. Maintains a mapping between meeting IDs and Zoom OAuth credentials which are authorized to create a Join Token for that meeting ID
  3. Automatically fetches a Join Token and provides it to the bot when sending the bot to a call. This means that when the bot joins the call, it will be able to start recording automatically instead of needing to ask the host for permission.


What this integration doesn't do

The integration does not automatically send bots to calls.

Bots will only be sent to calls if the bot is created with the Create Bot endpoint or via the Calendar Integration.