Zoom 3rd Party Recording Token

Enable Zoom bots to record without using local recording permissions.

A 3rd party recording token is a closed beta Zoom feature that allows bots to join calls and start recording automatically, regardless of the user's local recording setting.

If a bot has 3rd party recording token access, there is no recording consent or recording notification presented by the Zoom client.

This is particularly useful for larger enterprises that cannot allow allow local recording for security purposes.


In practice, implementing this feature is done through an account-level Zoom OAuth application, which is supported through Recall's Zoom OAuth Integration.


Native bots

Currently, Zoom only supports this through the SDK used by Zoom Native Bots.

If you currently use web bots (the default), reach out to the Recall team to set you up a new Native bot workspace. We recommend implementing a code path that calls our API with an API key from your Native workspace specifically for bots that require the 3rd party recording token.

1. Create a Zoom Account-level OAuth App

Create an account-level app by going to the Zoom marketplace and selecting Develop > Build App:

3rd party recording tokens are only available for account-level OAuth apps.

Make sure to configure the app to be admin-managed (account-level):

2. Add the 3rd Party Recording scope

Add this scope to the app: meeting_token:read:admin:3rdpartyrecording

3. Request access and enable 3rd party recording

Ensure 3rd party recording is available on the Zoom account that will connect the app and is also enabled under: Account Settings β†’ Recording β†’ Allow 3rd-party recording

Important: You must first contact Zoom support and request access for the Zoom account to access this.

4. Implement the OAuth flow

The setup for the OAuth flow is the same as the normal Zoom OAuth integration, which you can find a guide for here.

Once a Zoom account goes through this flow and connects your OAuth app, Recall will continually sync Zoom meetings for all users in the account. 3rd party tokens will automatically be provided for any of the synced Zoom meetings for the account, and bots will be able to record without local recording permissions.