Slack Huddles Overview

Use to get live audio and video from Slack Huddles


Slack Support is currently in Beta

Stability is not guaranteed and features may be lacking compared other meeting providers.

If you are looking to use the Slack integration, please reach out to the Recall team via the shared Slack channel, or our support email for pay-as-you-go customers.

Slack huddle bots work a bit differently than other bots, in that they are accounts that belong to your slack workspace. Once you're in a Slack huddle, you simply invite the bot user to the huddle, and the bot will record your huddle like any other bot.


  • In order to get the audio and video from Slack Huddles a bot user needs to be invited to a Slack Workspace. This is different than the traditional Slack App. See the setup instructions here to get started.
  • The bot will need a domain or subdomain that you own or have access to update the DNS records in order to set up the Slack Bot.
  • The Slack Bot needs an email address to authenticate, for instance [email protected], and Recall will manage the inbound emails.
  • End-users will need to invite the Slack Bot to their workspace in order to use the Slack Bot. This will likely need approval from a Slack Admin before the invite can be sent.


  • Slack Huddle bots currently cannot be connected to Slack workspaces with SSO enabled. One workaround is to add the bot as a multi-channel guest instead of a full user. The downside is that the bot would need to be manually added to every channel where the customer wants to record huddles.