Data Retention

All bots follow Recall's data retention policy.

Recall isn't a long-term data retention solution. Any media and logs associated with a bot is retained for 7 days, after which they're deleted permanently.

This data can also be deleted at any point by calling Delete Bot Media.

Bot Media

Bot Media refers to:

  • Recording
  • Transcript
  • Speaker timeline
  • Participant metadata (who joined, left, timestamps)
  • Meeting metadata (e.g. Meeting title)
  • Video files, audio files, and any other media
  • Bot screenshots
  • Debug data

Note: Deleting bot media through the API does not delete logs. Log files will be automatically deleted after the 7 day retention period.


Bot data is encrypted at rest in our database for additional security.

Transcription Partners


For customers using Gladia through Recall's account (and not their own Gladia API key), there is zero-data retention on Gladia's servers.