Getting Started

Start generating transcripts for your bots' meetings.


Transcription must be enabled

Bots do not generate transcripts by default.

To generate a transcript, a bot must be configured to use a transcription method.

Transcription Methods

There are two methods bots can use to generate transcriptions:

  1. Meeting Caption Transcription: Using native meeting platform captions
  2. AI Transcription: Through one of our transcription partners

The table below outlines the pros and cons of each method:

Transcription MethodProsCons
Meeting Captions- Free
- Great diarization since it's based on the meeting provider's separate audio streams
- No per-word timestamps
- Can be lower quality depending on the platform
AI Transcription - Advanced features such as custom word dictionaries
- Can be more accurate
- Costs additional money

Fetching Transcripts

Regardless of the transcription method you choose, you can fetch a bot's transcript through a single endpoint by calling Get Bot Transcript.

If you're using real-time transcription, you can also leverage Transcription Events to receive partial transcription results in real-time.

Enhanced Diarization

When fetching a bot's transcript, there is an option to enable enhanced_diarization.

This diarization method uses additional punctuation heuristics to improve the accuracy speaker assignment in transcripts.

While this option can improve the accuracy of diarization, we recommend using it only if:

  • You are experiencing issues with the default speaker timeline diarization
  • You are not using machine diarization
  • The transcript language relies on the following punctuation marks: ., !, ?

Enabled enhanced diarization for languages that do not rely on these punctuation marks can result in improper diarization and decreased transcript quality.