App Submission Guide

To submit your Zoom app for production use, start here.

If you want to use your Zoom API Credentials in production, you need to submit your Zoom SDK App for review. If you don't, the bot will only be able join meetings that are hosted by you, or by other people in your Zoom workspace.

To submit your Zoom SDK App for review, follow the steps in the following video.


Do not put your home page for every URL in the required URLs section.

Zoom originally allowed this behavior, which is why it's recommended in the below video. They've since changed their stance on this and require URL's to follow their guidelines outlined in Zoom App Submission: Required URL's.

Link to technical design question guidelines mentioned in video:

Your Zoom SDK App should be approved in 2-3 weeks. Once it's approved, your bot will be able to join meetings hosted by people outside of your workspace, such as your customer's meetings.

For existing customers using Recall prior to Zoom's new 2023 Bot Requirements, also see Pre-Submission Checklist (Legacy).