Setup Guide

Setup guide to sign in your bot to a Microsoft Teams account.

By default the Teams bot will join meeting as guest participant. This can lead to bot not able to join meetings which only allow signed in users.

Recall supports authenticated Teams bot participant bot will sign in using credentials before joining a meeting.


Bot name cannot be overridden

One important caveat to using signed-in Microsoft Teams bots is that they get their name from the Microsoft Teams account used to authenticate the bot.

This overrides the bot_name parameter in Create Bot endpoint.

Follow these steps to setup authenticated bots for Microsoft Teams.

1. Setup Microsoft Account

Since the authenticated bot requires global organization-level permission changes, authenticated Teams bots should always use a new Microsoft account

Select an account type

Create a new Microsoft 365 account. This must be a paid account. You can start by signing up for Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan from here

  • You will be able to choose the account username in follow up steps. For setup purpose you can proceed with domain. This can be later configured to be on a custom domain as well.
  • Post signup you will be redirected to account setup wizard. Follow the steps to finish it. This will allow you to add a custom domain to your Microsoft Business Account (if required)

2. Update Security Settings

In order for the bot to be able to login seamlessly MFA and other security settings must be turned off for your account. These are listed below:

2.1 Disable Security defaults

  • Select Manage Security Defaults from Overview -> Properties
  • Disable security defaults

2.2 Disable "Show keep user signed in" prompt

  • With your new Microsoft account logged in, visit and Open Microsoft Entra ID from sidebar.
  • Select Users -> User settings from sidebar
  • Disable **Show keep user signed in** prompt

2.3 Update account data

  • With your new Microsoft account logged in, visit and Open Microsoft Entra ID from sidebar.
  • Change user properties for e.g name, profile picture etc by selecting user from All Users list in Users section

2.4 Verify Teams access

  • With your new Microsoft account logged in, visit
  • Complete onboarding wizard and verify that you are able to start a Teams call from the dashboard

3. Configure credentials in Recall dashboard

Once you've setup the account, the last step is to configure it in the Recall dashboard here. We recommend doing this step first on your development/staging account before applying to your production Recall account.

Add the username & password for the account under the Teams Web Credentials tab.


We recommend keeping Login Mandatory option turned off.

The login mandatory option (if turned on) forces the bot to always login before joining the call. Due to authentication flow for Teams web this can lead to increased delay in bots joining call. We recommend to keep this option off, as a result bot will attempt to login only for calls where signed in participants are mandatory