Registration-Required Meetings & Webinars

Send bots to Zoom registration-required meetings and webinars.


Registration-required meetings & webinars are supported by web bots only.

Recall supports sending bots to registration-required Zoom meetings and webinars.

For a bot to join a registration-required meeting, there are two things required:

  1. A tk parameter in the meeting URL
  2. An email address

tk query parameter

Once a user registers for the meeting or webinar, they will receive a meeting URL from Zoom containing a tk query parameter.

When calling Create Bot, you should ensure that the meeting_url contains this.


If registration is required for a meeting or webinar, Zoom requires an email in the join request.

This should be provided in the zoom.user_email parameter in the Create Bot request:

  "zoom": {
    "user_email": "[email protected]"


This email does not have to match the email that was registered for the event. For simplicity's sake, you can provide a dedicated bot email address.